Video not showing wide screen, no loops, and doesnt hide play bar

Hello there, Ive implemented this background video in my home page, so far so good. However seems like my configuration is not working, I need to, - Hide the play bar below the video - Loop...
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4 weeks ago

Started 08 June 2018 by mgarcia

Web video does not load on mobile

Web video does not load on mobile, why is that? it loads on all other formats
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15 November 2016

Started 09 November 2016 by design34

Slider short code not playing

Hi, Slider shortcode not playing. It works, but it does not autoplay. I have supplied an example below. Have I customized correctly? Looking through the documentation, it is not clear whether it is...
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02 September 2015

Started 01 September 2015 by Morpheus0101