WooCommerce Product Categories not displayed

I have set up WooCommerce to display categories on the Shop Page (WooCommerce > Settings >Products > Display > Shop Page Display > Show categories and sub categories). This setting seems to be ignored...
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07 February 2019

Started 11 January 2016 by stig

Woocommerce display categories on shop page, setup template

I have followed suggestions from here: http://answers.themler.io/questions/54417/woocommerce-product-categories-not-displayed and other posts. I use Themler desktop, never Themler active in a...
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08 October 2018

Started 18 September 2018 by len

Поставить описание категории вниз, под пагинацию

в Woocommerce есть возможность поставить описание категории, но только вверху страницы. Можно ли как-нибудь опустить ее вниз, в футер под пагинацию?
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23 January 2017

Started 20 January 2017 by info20162