Themler is the most frustrating theme builder I've ever seen.

What should be the simplest tasks are almost insurmountable in Themler. I created a blank sheet and added a header. The simple tasks of setting sheet size and centering the header image are...
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27 November 2018

Started 03 August 2016 by caliray

Images can't be aligned

Hi Support, On the images can't be aligned. Check the last image. I set this to center, but it stays left. What is wrong in my theme?
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07 February 2017

Started 06 February 2017 by Pascal Mariany

Center in Canvas

Hi there How can I center an image in a canvas or in a slide? If I manually put in 50% left, the image is offset from the center, I presume themler takes the side of the image as the value, not the...
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10 March 2016

Started 07 March 2016 by ben_daniels