Update Changelog

Hello, is there some reason the updates all need to be a mystery now? I really prefer to see what is updated before I update the theme. Your logs are 1.5 years out of date!!! It's the little things...
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4 weeks ago

Started 09 January 2020 by DaveOzric

themler updates and security

Hello I have many sites created using themler + Joomla (for me actually best tool to create websites). On each page I have different themler version. I see, in new versions many new functions, but I...
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31 March 2016

Started 30 March 2016 by namit

Constant updates - Changelog

Can we get inside Themler screen some changelog of all bug fixes and changes ? It doesnt need to be something detailed, see how WordPress plugins do it. I mean it doesnt need to take you more than...
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20 August 2015

Started 18 August 2015 by Stagger Lee

Add build number (version) of Themler

Hello. Is it possible to add build / version number inside Themler interface? Maybe somewhere at corner with little size. For example: Build number: 1.0.138 - and this number can be as a link to...
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09 February 2015

Started 09 February 2015 by Vitaliy WD