Классы для изображений и для всего остального

Здравствуйте! Сразу же прощу прощения если вопрос глупый но тем не менее. Чтобы не загрязнять код на странице CMS контента, когда идет повторяющиеся оформление, скажем к картинкам, можно же задать...
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17 July 2017

Started 16 December 2016 by Dimvgen

Joomla class image content

Hi, I can set the default class for all photos in the content? Editor - TinyMCE <img src="/images/news/my.jpg" alt="" width="" heigt="" /> Make by default <img src="/images/news/my.jpg"...
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08 June 2017

Started 07 June 2017 by linuxoid

Class or Id for an object

Hello, I have interesting suggestion. I think it would be useful if the user will be able to add a class or id to an object , such as an image or container. Best Regards,
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06 May 2016

Started 05 May 2016 by lukasz93xx

BD classes in output

Do you plan to make as Artisteer did with custom and own classes ? So instead of .bd-some-class we can have own .own-some-class ? As it is now all themes to 100% will have your signature in source...
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31 March 2015

Started 31 March 2015 by Stagger Lee