Lightbox disable in "Article Joomla"

I have created one article in a Joomla site and i have edit it with Themler for have one Logo sponsor page. I would disable only in this page the Lightbox effect. Whot is the procedure?
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16 April 2019

Started 14 May 2016 by Mario71

How to disable linked images (lightbox?)

Probably me doing something simple (and wrong), but in my Joomla articles, clicking on images opens them in a lightbox - which I don't want. I want to be able to link the images, but the lightbox...
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03 April 2019

Started 19 August 2015 by john.oxlade

Disable lightbox on all PAGES

I have disabled the light box to the "Post Content" tab and the image light boxes are disabled on my blog posts but they are not disabled on my Pages. My site is Any help is...
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10 January 2019

Started 24 June 2016 by nbursell

Lightbox Off

Hello, this is kind of like Artisteer and the default of all images being lightboxed. I am not sure about others but I would use this maybe 1% of the time and only on an HTML5 site. Most professional...
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03 November 2018

Started 18 March 2016 by DaveOzric

disable lightbox

Hello I can't find an option to disable lightbox for wordpress POST content images. There is no any switch to turn it off as shown in documentation. Regards Dan
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21 May 2018

Started 09 November 2014 by dandez

Remove image opening/overlay

Hello It seems to be a default option: If a have a picture into article, I can click on the picture and it open it. Theres an shadow around it, and I can close it. Is it possibile, to turn of this...
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03 April 2017

Started 16 July 2016 by admin166

Turning the image lightbox off

I can't seem to get the image light-box to turn off. I've got it turned off under "Post Content" on my default template, but it's still enabled. I'm using WordPress 4.7.3 and Themeler v 3.64
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27 March 2017

Started 26 March 2017 by textus

Default image viewer

I had a problem that you want to open a gallery from which you can open and sigplussal images, but at the themler Default image viewer that can open the themlere viewer could make out? Thank you in...
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24 January 2017

Started 16 October 2014 by peterkovacssoft

Lightbox problem

Hi, is it possible to disable lightbox effect for images that are located in static pages in Wordpress? I've ALREADY tried to disable it from the post content/post image in the default template and...
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29 August 2016

Started 26 August 2016 by antonio.erre

Where to find postcontent

Hello. I want to turn of the image light box. but i cannot find the post content in the left menu. (see screenshot). Where must i look?
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04 July 2016

Started 04 July 2016 by bodegraven