Themler Online Editor jumps directly to "Preview = on"

Since this morning I cannot edit my theme in the online editor, since this shows up around 1 second then redirects automatically to the online preview and the editor view disapears. Using Joomla CMS -...
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20 September 2018

Started 16 February 2016 by ben_daniels

html5 template editor not loading , shows blank screen

html 5 template editor is not loading, its shows white blank screen. please see the console error in the screen shot attached.
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23 April 2018

Started 22 April 2018 by sanketdave79

Scroll doesn't work on certain page - mobile view

Hi there! On some pages the scroll function isn't working on the mobile view - The displayed information is just cut off after the visible area on the screen - on mobile phone and also in themler...
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26 January 2017

Started 25 February 2016 by ben_daniels

One word or two about minified JS/CSS code

What to do about it ? It makes manual coding literally impossible. Themler custom JS/CSS code in "Settings" cannot replace real code editor, no way.
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30 December 2015

Started 04 April 2015 by Stagger Lee

Override Default table settings

Hi, I have defined the table settings in the template - works great. But if I add a table through the editor, I cant seem to be able to override the template's table background settings. So in this...
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28 August 2015

Started 25 August 2015 by rpoy

WYSIWYG wordpress editor

A nice feature that could be build based upon the available bootstrap framework that would truly help to create not only great themes but also great content is a WYSIWYG editor for the content. It...
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15 August 2015

Started 11 August 2015 by jurjen

TinyMce editor buttons - frontend

Can you please just add few lines of code generated in CSS to remove background-color over buttons. Many people use visual editor in comments. Just target it more precise and remove styling. Leave it...
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16 April 2015

Started 15 April 2015 by Stagger Lee