Что это за поле?

Нигде не могу найти информацию, что это за поле, и для чего оно нужно? https://image.ibb.co/fQnKZz/prntscr.jpg
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3 hours ago

Started 3 hours ago by DedMazay74

Magento checkout page: How can I add & capture custom field information in shipping address?

I need to add a custom field to the checkout process. I have created a text field on the front-end where a user can enter their alternate address. The issue is that how can I capture this information...
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26 October 2017

Started 16 September 2015 by ecommerce.dev

Suggestion: Prefix text for Post fields

If I include a post field like "Post Date", "Post Category", "Post Tags", Post Author" etc. I can choose an icon. Please think about an option to include a text field as a prefix for these fields so I...
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27 March 2017

Started 26 March 2017 by besim

define fields shopping cart

Where do I define the fields the products that will appear in páginna purchase summary. For example I want to take the field rate. Att.. Amilcar
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11 August 2016

Started 09 August 2016 by Amilcar Botelho Rubim Junior

Metadata of created themes with Themler

Hello, It will be nice that in near future we can edit the theme metadata fields (name, creationDate, version, author, authorEmail, authorUrl, copyright and description) present in...
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20 December 2015

Started 08 October 2015 by bsimoes