Pics not opening in IE-11 or Edge

I have created an HTML website using Themler. Main page pictures are not opening in IE-11 or edge however, site works fine in Google Chrome and Firefox. What should I do to...
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3 weeks ago

Started 4 weeks ago by hvpeter

Frontsite IE and Chrome not the same (Order from article with two column)

Hi I work with joomla and i have a site: On frontsite, i have two columns (in themler i have not defined - the two columns are in the joomla menu defined). on...
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04 March 2016

Started 02 March 2016 by matrix630307

Parallax not working in IE 11

hi i have a Website - here the paralla not working with ie 11. with Firefox/Chrome it work's. who is the Problem?
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06 January 2016

Started 01 January 2016 by matrix630307