Slow & will not load

I have been an Artisteer user in the past and just purchased Themler today. I downloaded the desktop version and have installed it but when I open Themler and select my CMS it just loads a blank...
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12 September 2016

Started 19 September 2015 by Nicholas4

My site loading speed

Hi I built a site and created an Artisteer template some time ago. The load speed of the site is dreadful. So I am recreating the template in Themler, however I am having the same loading time...
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24 February 2016

Started 18 February 2016 by eleanor

Themler calls to server

If the themes I create need to be tethered to the Themler server and makes calls to that server then what happens if that server goes down or the company is out of business? Also loading time would be...
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11 July 2015

Started 10 July 2015 by rick26