Magento 2.0 Plans

Hello Themler, what are your plans on Magento 2.0? I am very interested in your plans, your support of Magento 2.0 in the near future and your timetable. Regards Jurjen
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02 May 2018

Started 18 November 2015 by jurjen

Prestashop magento

will prestashop and magento be supported in future? i need the latest prestashop 1.7.x and magento 2.x template editor
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16 March 2018

Started 02 August 2017 by s.krug

Help a beginner - Adding a Static block to left hand column in Magento 2?

Hi, I have had a website Magento designed by a developer, now I want to create my first new page. I have created a 2 columns page and have the copy and images sorted for the main part of the...
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29 January 2018

Started 29 January 2018 by lilypoter214


When we have to switch our themler from Magento-1 to Magento-2 ?
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18 May 2017

Started 15 May 2017 by mr.neelesh.verma

Magento 2 support

Hi, does Themler support magento 2?. Regards. A Lamkhatri.
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17 April 2017

Started 25 June 2016 by abdelhak.lamkhatri

Magento 2.1.0 Themeler

Hi wanted to find out if you we can use Themler to create and export theme to Magento 2.1.0.
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27 February 2017

Started 27 February 2017 by Tafy

Support for Magento 2.0 template

Everyone, please reply with your interest so that Themler knows to implement this request. Magento 2.0 has been released and I would really love to have template support available ASAP. Thanks!
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14 November 2016

Started 13 January 2016 by josh11