Problem template is_preview=on&template

Hi, google sees the url of my site with this code, why? How to solve this problem? Please it is urgent! Best regards Giuseppe
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27 November 2018

Started 10 August 2016 by Giuseppe-_70

is_preview=on being added to custom html links

Hi I'm using the latest version of Themler with a Joomla template. All editing is done via Themler, including articles and all content etc. When I add custom HTML that includes a link, for example, it...
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29 August 2017

Started 10 August 2017 by andrew33

Битые ссылки

Добрый день, внешним сервисом найдены битые ссылки на сайте, не могу найти их в теме, чтобы удалить. Вы можете мне подсказать, где и как их искать? View...
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28 June 2017

Started 27 June 2017 by alex88807

Url sufiks / parameter problem with Drupal 7 and Themler.

Hi, I have big problem with my Drupal site (theme generated in Themler). Google has indexed url addresses with sufiks "?theme=Naddachami". Naddachami is theme name. But I don't understand why there...
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19 June 2017

Started 17 June 2017 by biuro24