Deactivate Themler-core

Can you make a option in Themler to deactivate Themler-core in themes?
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30 October 2018

Started 09 May 2016 by Rune

How to reload Themler to wordpress

I bought Themler in February this year and had the plugin visible in my Wordpress dashboard. Recently, my wordpress page got infected. I ordered cleaning and after cleaning the plugin disappeared from...
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25 April 2018

Started 24 April 2018 by elachapla

How to get themler-core plugin on the admin-menu in wordpress?

Hello, I exported a theme with the choice "Not include themler-core". Now I'd like to customize my theme but no any place to click in wordpress to come to themler site for customizing. In my plugins...
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10 November 2017

Started 09 November 2017 by Thaoduong

Hide themler core

hi, is it posible to hide plugin themler core of the plugin list in the back office. Maybe with css ? thx
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05 December 2016

Started 05 September 2016 by deunsdenis

Themler core plugin

What is this ? It makes plugin list blank page. When I deleted plugin folder plugin list comes back.
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17 February 2016

Started 15 February 2016 by Stagger Lee