Ошибка при редактировании

При редактировании темы на Drupal при любом изменении выскакивает ошибка: Please open the console, expand a error in it and send us a screenshot Как избавится?
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03 July 2019

Started 03 July 2019 by andreewalex

Themler - template for PrestaShop

Hello, we have Themler v.441 and PrestaShop v. 1.7. I made a template for PrestaShop. I tried to install this template in Prestashop. I tried two ways how install the template. The first way was:...
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13 April 2018

Started 11 April 2018 by provaznik

Themler Your Way To Success

Are You Embarrassed By Your Themler Skills? Here's What To Do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le6VbqBNKNg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRMb2a8nalQ Thanks to Maikol Ortigueira Learn To (Do)...
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01 November 2017

Started 01 November 2017 by Red Chili

add different content in different pages ( Themler for Html )

Hi, I have a question . I have the page “home“ . Then I add 3 pages. contact , About Us and Services. When I add contents or section to the new page contact, shows the contents of “contact“ in all...
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12 April 2016

Started 26 October 2015 by mike_edgard

Getting back the Theme into Themler

Dear all, basically I have the problem that I cannot re-import my Template for Joomla into Themler because I didn't know/realize (as the other posts say) that I have to use the "include" option at...
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25 January 2016

Started 24 January 2016 by Waennefredder