Wordpress admin menu bar in Themler

Using the Themler desktop, I am seeing the Wordpress admin menu bar above the theme header in Themler when I open a theme to edit. I am not sure how it has got there, how do I remove it?
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16 June 2017

Started 02 February 2017 by len

Billionthemes Themler Template Not Visible After WordPress 4.7.1 Upgrade

I recently upgraded my site to WordPress 4.7.1 (from 4.7) and I can no longer see my Themler template in the Billionthemes editor. The theme still works on my website but I can't edit it since I can't...
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23 January 2017

Started 19 January 2017 by DM2

Black Top Toolbar appearing in wordpress 4.7

Hello Themler Team. I just updated some of my sites to wordpress 4.7 and i noticed that when i open themler editor, the top black toolbar of wordpress admin, appears also in the editor.. I can edit...
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12 December 2016

Started 08 December 2016 by shaulhadar