Getting Started with Themler for WordPress

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## Installation - [How to Install WordPress theme](page:3624) ## Getting Started with Themler for WordPress <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> ## Pages and Posts Content - [How to Edit WordPress Pages and Posts](page:55953) - [Import & Export Content](page:72522) ## Theme - [How to Edit WordPress Theme in Themler:](page:3626) - Theme - Headline and Slogan via WP Admin Panel - Logo via WP Admin Panel - Vertical Menu - Top Menu - Widgets and Widget Areas - Theme Options - [How to add Horizontal Menu](page:5541) ## Templates - [WordPress theme Templates:](page:36359) - [How to work with Templates in WordPress Themes](page:36359) - [How to create and use Custom Templates](page:9466) - [WordPress specific Controls](page:4953) ## Tutorials - [WP Tips and Tricks](page:57268) - [Woocommerce Tips and Tricks](page:67129) ## Troubleshooting - [General](page:65488) - [WP specific](page:65515)