Default Styles

Overview Default Styles allow you to define styles common for most basic controls in one place. These styles are applied to controls that do not have customized styles. Default Styles can be found...


Layout Align Content Fix on Scroll Flex Column Full Background Heading and line Set Page Width Set Sheet width Basic Animation Expand to Bottom ParallaxBackground Style Balloon Paper...

How to Add Gradient to Post Header

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How to Share Controls between Different Templates

Using Header, Footer and Sidebars The easiest way to share controls between Templates is by using Header, Footer and Sidebars controls. These are special areas which can be enabled/disabled of the...

How to Work with Colors (Video)

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How to Add Page Width Row (Video)

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Overview of Responsive Views (Video)

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Responsive Views (Video)

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Summary The Control Placing Property specifies if Absolute or Layout mode is used for the control. A control can be placed in Absolute or Layout mode by dragging and dropping it to the absolute...

Theme Settings

General Theme Layout Additional CSS Additional HEAD HTML CMS Code Description General Small Picture (favicon). This option sets website favicon. Right-to-Left This option enables RTL mode for...