Ability to save own colour presets

Hello, one thing that I loved in Artister was the ability to save my own colour presets and I made quite an extensive library of my favourites. Is it please possible with Themler? Regards Angela
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11 April 2016

Started 28 February 2016 by Seagull

Themler keeps crashing when changing colors

Using the default, woocommerce theme. Select Colors and then a color pallet. Themler throws this error "Sorry, error occurred. Your project will be restored." Updated to the latest version today and...
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03 September 2015

Started 01 September 2015 by andrew34

Sample Colors

How can I sample a color like Artisteer use to let me do. I normally add a logo and just sample all my color from that.
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13 November 2014

Started 12 November 2014 by RyanGanley

Gradient breaks the color

It looks like a bug. Tested with Button and Background controls. Steps to reproduce: 1. select "Fill" color for the control; 2. switch to "Gradient" and select one of gradients from Presets; 3....
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28 April 2014

Started 15 April 2014 by Aileen