Mega menu to wishlist

Hi I haven't seen anyone else ask for it yet so I am. A mega menu that can have module positions added to it would be awesome. Thanks David
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30 July 2018

Started 26 November 2014 by dpodesta

Animated resizing Header on scroll

Hello. It would be great to add function "Animated resizing Header on scroll". Here is some examples. About and "how to":...
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Latest By matrix630307

08 August 2017

Started 28 January 2015 by Vitaliy WD

DNN (DotNetNuke)

Will DNN (DotNetNuke) be supported at some point?
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Latest By cody

30 August 2016

Started 25 July 2014 by manet2000ro

Please add a contact form control

Hello Themeler Team. I have another wish. If you could add a contact form control it would be amazing. a contact form control could be really good, and it will ofcourse use the styles of the software...
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Latest By raffe

27 March 2019

Started 25 October 2014 by shaulhadar

Please add an option to use an off-canvas menu in templates

Hello Themler Team. Thanks for all your great work! I have a wish for future updates. Please add an off-canvas menu, especially for the responsive menu modes. Here is a clean example of that that...
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20 August 2019

Started 19 November 2014 by shaulhadar

Export any Theme to multiple CMS platforms, just Like Artisteer does

Hello Community! I think it would be GREAT if we can design a Template and have the option to export it in Themler to whichever CMS or Platform you would like to use, just like we do in Artisteer....
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Latest By Support Team

16 November 2018

Started 07 September 2015 by websitefixerupper

Form styles (dropdown, radio, checkbox)

Hello. Is it possible to add more form style controls? Now it possible to style only the inputs, but it would be great, if there will be an option to style also radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown...
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Latest By Kevin Doussaint

04 December 2017

Started 28 January 2015 by Vitaliy WD

Social Linking Icons - Linking not Sharing

Hi, Could we have the social media icons at the top and bottom linkable as opposed to sharing. What i mean is when someone clicks the link i would like it to take them to my twitter account and not...
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Latest By Support Team

06 June 2018

Started 28 January 2016 by Mark Holland

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Any chance themler can support Accelerated Mobile Pages?
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Latest By Support Team

03 October 2019

Started 22 February 2016 by artistx

Video background

Would be great to use a video as a background. Like: or
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Latest By cogray

19 July 2016

Started 02 April 2015 by anneke

Remove unnecessary CSS attached to theme

I would like to have the ability to select which parts of a theme to export thus eliminating unused styles within the css file. Currently the css files are too large because of useless styles and it's...
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Latest By Support Team

13 December 2016

Started 29 May 2015 by stolzmedia

Please add an option to do Parallax scrolling effects

Hi Themeler Team. I would like to add a wish for adding parallax scrolling effects. I saw you have option to put images fixed when scrolling, maybe add like an option that you can choose the element's...
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Latest By SH707

27 October 2018

Started 27 September 2014 by shaulhadar

bbPress - buddyPress

Let us see how people vote for this feature request. Themler can do it as making bbPress and buddyPress folders inside theme folder can override almost anything in bbpress, buddyPress. As some kind...
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Latest By funmaking

11 May 2017

Started 16 July 2015 by Stagger Lee

Support for Magento 2.0 template

Everyone, please reply with your interest so that Themler knows to implement this request. Magento 2.0 has been released and I would really love to have template support available ASAP. Thanks!
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Latest By Stagger Lee

14 November 2016

Started 13 January 2016 by josh11

Bullets only on menu item with submenu

Hi. It would be great to insert bullets only on menu item with submenu. And also to insert bullet not only at right or left (align), but also bottom at menu item. Is it possible? I think, that it...
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Latest By Support Team

09 December 2015

Started 28 January 2015 by Vitaliy WD

Hikashop Themler theme

Dear Support, I hope you will create the option for HikaShop in the future. Everyone vote this one :) Kind regards, William
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Latest By dpodesta

15 February 2018

Started 16 September 2015 by williamvanveen1988

Landscape view in phone and tablet - HEEEELP!!!!

Why is "Landscape view in phone and tablet" missing I can't use the software for professional use, until it is fixed :-( When i turn my smartphone to landscape, my site looks like shit. I hope for a...
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Latest By Support Team

01 March 2017

Started 23 August 2015 by info571

Vote: Responsive Vertical Menu

Anyone else who would like a vertical responsive menu please vote.
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Latest By tylerc82588

07 December 2016

Started 16 May 2016 by DaveOzric

Moodle Template

Hello. I'm designing a platform for elearning with moodle. But Themler options I see for Moodle templates. It would be good to take this into account in the near future.
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Latest By six8whiskeymedic

15 August 2016

Started 15 July 2015 by pedroduran

All Bootstrap features

Can you make it somehow priority. All of this is shipped with all themes, so why not use it. At least as shortcodes. You dont need to make much. Give us just sceletone and one content area accepting...
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Latest By Stagger Lee

01 December 2016

Started 30 June 2016 by Stagger Lee

Lightbox Off

Hello, this is kind of like Artisteer and the default of all images being lightboxed. I am not sure about others but I would use this maybe 1% of the time and only on an HTML5 site. Most professional...
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Latest By frederic11

03 November 2018

Started 18 March 2016 by DaveOzric

Can sub items in vertical menu expand rather than pop out

I'm hoping sub items in the vertical menu can be set to expand on click (and submenu remain visible) rather than pop out on hover as default.
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Latest By Support Team

05 June 2017

Started 14 May 2015 by Chrisnz

Sticky Header

Do you have the ability to give us a sticky header where the logo shrinks and stays on top? See this example
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Latest By LGWeb

25 August 2016

Started 04 May 2016 by LGWeb

Switching between pagination and infinite scrolling

Hello. Is it possible to realize infinite scrolling function and add an option to switch between pagination by default and infinite scrolling function? Here is a simple example of infinite scrolling...
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Latest By Support Team

06 May 2016

Started 29 January 2015 by Vitaliy WD

Survey: Template Editing

Hi everyone! We want to make a small survey to find out what you think about further way of development of Themler. Please vote for this topic if you want us to focus on the new Template Sections...
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Latest By Support Team

30 December 2015

Started 28 December 2015 by Support Team

Please add an accordion control

Hi Themeler Team. Please add an accordion control. It would be a great addition, and allow better designs inside themeler without using any additional plugins. Thanks for your time, Shaul.
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Latest By DaveOzric

10 January 2017

Started 10 October 2014 by shaulhadar

New Template Type

How do i create an all new template. Right now i have homepage, page & blog. What if i want to create an all new template and name it "Full width" or something. How do i do this? Thanks in...
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Latest By Support Team

08 June 2016

Started 08 October 2014 by thedinz

Adding shortcode input button to CMS editors

It would be great to have control button for shortcodes in wordpress or Joomla, like this:
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Latest By Support Team

22 April 2016

Started 09 January 2016 by DouzanStudio

More styles for language switcher

Hello. Now it is possible to insert Language Switcher only with Dropsown Bar style. Is it possible to add more styles for Language Switcher? For example, use the simple links for language switching...
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Latest By Support Team

19 June 2017

Started 28 January 2015 by Vitaliy WD

User's manual

Hello, Looking through the Answer section I find a lot of video tutorials, and that is nice. But I also would like a more hands on User's guide/manual (Artisteer have one). Reason is that it is...
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Latest By mptl.pharma

12 July 2017

Started 30 August 2015 by ann49