WP Update 5.3: Warning on Admin Page

Hi, the newest WP Update outputs 2 warnings in admin backend template regarding to themler theme. Seems to be nothing serious, but would be better to be solved. Warning: Declaration of...
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15 November 2019

Started 13 November 2019 by engels

Admin portal for my clients to change the design

I think Themler is a great product. Unfortunately themler has a major drawback this is, if your client wants to do a simple colour change of say the menu, my clients can't do that unless they buy a...
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22 November 2018

Started 10 December 2015 by admin34

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19 November 2018

Started 18 November 2018 by trungnghiatran90

Disable "Import content from template" button in Joomla!

Hi, Is it possible to disable the "Import content from template" button in the template style editor in Joomla! Admin? It would be a user-security option to avoid overwriting the whole content of the...
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23 November 2017

Started 22 November 2017 by andrewatya

Missing some things

Hi, First I wanna tell you I love your product, but I am missing some things that are not only important to me but also somewhat crucial for implementing it to my customers. Personalized and more...
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10 December 2014

Started 08 December 2014 by chermus

Change Admin menu

Hi, I like to have the ability to change the Admin menu name to my own company name and to disable the theme editing for my customers.
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02 December 2014

Started 01 December 2014 by chermus