Affix show/hide logo

Hi there, I would like to ask you for help. I need to hide logo in header in first section (due to duplication). I find a part of solution under this link:...
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Latest By miroslav.cihlo

13 April 2021

Started 11 April 2021 by miroslav.cihlo

Smooth Logo Using Affix

Hello, I am still perplexed by this issue of the affixed logo. Creative Caterpillar Dance The first couple sites I did this on way back when had a smooth transition when you scrolled down the page....
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09 May 2019

Started 27 April 2019 by DaveOzric

Stop sticky affix in sidebar when footer

Hi, I need that a sticky affix / scrollspy stops when right sidebar end and start the footer position. Now when i turn on this boostrap option on Themler the sidebar doesn't stop and going over the...
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25 March 2019

Started 10 May 2017 by gcg

scroll menu

hi, I try to reproduce this menu : Color change and logo to scroll.... I just did a test here:, But I do not know how to change the...
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24 January 2017

Started 23 January 2017 by BORN TO BE WEB