Anchor links in "h" tags

Hello I need to create anchor links to use in "h" tags. is possible to make this in themler html version? for instance: 1) i have created a table of contents with some links (like wordpress...
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09 June 2016

Started 08 June 2016 by funmaking

Anchor links

Dear Support, I have some anchor links as menu buton but when i click on the menu item it covers over the start. check: You know some solition for...
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20 April 2016

Started 19 April 2016 by williamvanveen1988

Implementing an icon that, when pressed, scrolls to a desired section...

How can I implement an icon positioned in the bottom centre of my header / slider, that, when pressed, automatically scrolls to the next section? Here's an example on the Google Drive...
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29 February 2016

Started 29 February 2016 by info2163