Blank Themler Template Page

I went into my themler template in Wordpress to do changes, there was an update, tried to do the update, only to end up with a blank page, tried to clear the cache of my browser, deactivated all third...
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27 July 2020

Started 27 July 2020 by chrisredeemed

I can't access the template

Good Morning, When making changes to the web template Admin: AdminAYC Password: ¿?AyCl(CREAL)20170126Enero?¿ I have the same error that we...
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02 December 2019

Started 19 November 2019 by elviro.valencia

Start a Wordpress theme with a blank template

I'd like to know why there is no option to start with a blank Wordpress theme? You say there is no option but we can just delete the controls that are there - but this is why we want the option to...
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02 May 2018

Started 17 November 2016 by rajsidhux

Start with a blank theme

Hello Is possible start a new project with a blank theme to add new divs (containers, header, etc) ? Thanks
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18 November 2016

Started 18 October 2014 by funmaking

Wishlist: clear and empty Template

I am a Designer and the "untitled" template bugging me I want a simple and clear, blank template to create my own designs !!! and please add in the Desktopversion a function where I can decide...
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15 September 2015

Started 12 September 2015 by Bayern