Imagen de fondo en post y blog.

Buenas tardes Quisiera saber como colocar de fondo una imagen en los post y el blog en general, sin que me afecte el resto del sitio en wordpress, es decir que este fondo solo este disponible para el...
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14 September 2016

Started 13 September 2016 by Innovateg

How do I fix image size on Wordpress blog posts

Blog post images are being stretched to 300 wide by 215 tall. Where can I adjust this?
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08 June 2016

Started 06 June 2016 by anthony

Wordpress post in blog + post in home page

Hello, I have a wordpress site in which I create a blog page and the home page, I wish there was the last 4 posts in home page. The concern is that when I active the blog page (SETTINGS => Reading...
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15 April 2016

Started 08 October 2015 by Linkebel