Please update the bootstrap framework to the newest version 4.1 & Flexbox

Hi Support, Do you have plans in the next update of themler to update/upgrade the bootstrap framework to version v4.1 Thanks Kind regards Stephane
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14 October 2019

Started 07 August 2018 by stephane.fonteyne

Change the Bootstrap NavBar Breakpoint

Hi I want to change the point at which my menu changes from the standard one to the Bootstrap menu bar. I've had a look here: but...
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27 September 2016

Started 26 September 2016 by david157

modal problem due to bootstrap version

Hi Hope you can help me. I have a site that is using an extension RSDIRECTORY. There is a link in it that links to a modal form. The send message button on this page. Image...
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26 May 2016

Started 26 May 2016 by dpodesta