Disable zoom on product image and enable Lighbox

Hello, I like to disable the cloudzoom and use lightbox on my product images for a customer. The products are send in by a extern system and the pictures have determined dimensions. The cloudzoom...
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01 April 2020

Started 22 June 2017 by info69

WooCommerce Product Hover Magnification

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is an easy way to disable the product picture hover magnification through Themler? I was able to disable the 'Lightbox' feature through WooCommerce direct, but I...
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12 February 2019

Started 02 January 2016 by tweschke


themler it's very impressive, execept for cloud zoom : I will explain how to modify the template to avoid using CloudZoom, and have the CLASSIC VIRTUEMART GALLERY 1 - OPEN VIRUEMART ZIP component,...
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05 May 2018

Started 25 February 2017 by Giuma

Error with Cloudzoom

Hi, I found the following errors in themler: 1- Product zoom does not load photos associated with colors. If I click on a product color, the photo changes and becomes of that color, but if I zoom, I...
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10 November 2017

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