CMS Content lenght

I cant figure out how to set CMS Content post to be full width, please give me some tip, it work on template post but in CMS content is not full width. Its joomla CMS. Thanks
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08 December 2016

Started 06 December 2016 by HDWeb

Post Content (CMS Content, HTML) width

Hi My Joomla site is not filing the width of the CMS Content area of my template. The index page is working but the rest of the site is very narrow. Please could you point out how I can correct...
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05 August 2016

Started 04 August 2016 by eleanor

Where can I adjust the sheet width?

Hello, I want to adjust my sheet width to a numerical value, and yet I can't find this option in the "Sheet" tab. Please tell me where I can find it so I can put the exact number I want for the sheet...
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12 December 2015

Started 18 August 2014 by shaulhadar