Is it the end of Themler?

I have the impression that Themler is going to bankruptcy. It looks like developers are absent from the forum. We wait for the response from the support for months, as if Themler dismissed the people...
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Latest By Vitaliy WD

13 October 2021

Started 29 June 2019 by souacz

What's Wrong with the Team behind Themler?

Dear Team I've few questions, and hoping for clear answers. As there are no major changes/updates introduced in the beta update, why it is taking so much time to make it final. You took months from...
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12 November 2019

Started 05 April 2017 by QAAF Tech

Very angry with the community and dev team

Hi, I am very angry with the Themler community and dev team. Themler is not difficult, its false, saying that is like saying that Bootstrap or Joomla/Wordpress are also, when they exist to simplify...
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07 November 2019

Started 17 July 2017 by gcg