Problems to modify content in the future

Hi We are working several years as webmaster. We make websites for customers. We sell our service with the option to manage their own website by themselves. For this reason we use joomla, because this...
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27 November 2018

Started 09 June 2016 by alberdimb

El cliente edita la página web con otra versión de themler Personal

Buenos días Señores Themler, comunidad de Answers. Me pueden ayudar con esta duda por favor: Yo tengo la versión "Themler Bussines", soy vendedor de páginas web... Cuando entrego la página web...
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05 June 2018

Started 28 April 2017 by Administración web

REQUEST: Disable EDIT of content/pages (outside of WordPress)

One of the most annoying functions when developing themes with Themler is that if you CLICK on the page while making an edit in Themler, then you're automatically editing the content in the WordPress...
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15 December 2017

Started 09 February 2017 by conor2

WYSIWYG editor for fronted Admin without going to themler? Like a small Beaver Builder kind?

WYSIWYG editor for fronted Admin without going to themler? Like Beaver Builder kind? I can see the code on my page in wordpress admin but would like to just edit things like images colors and text...
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13 December 2017

Started 30 May 2016 by Sct Design Group

no longer appear Articles

I can no longer bring up articles from joomla. If I modify a page from the menu, the change goes on all pages except the home page. How can I do?
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26 May 2016

Started 25 May 2016 by criasara