Themler + Nicepage Framework

Hello, I mostly use Joomla and wonder if Themler and Nicepage can be like the other top Joomla developer's multi-site creation systems. The top template designers have a page builder for their clients...
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08 July 2019

Started 04 July 2019 by DaveOzric

What future frameworks are you considering?

Hello Themler Team. I saw in some post that you are working to put more frameworks in themler, and not just bootstrap. I was wandering what frameworks are you considering? There are actually a lot...
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04 September 2016

Started 14 June 2016 by shaulhadar

UIkit framework support

Currently Themler works on Bootstrap framework, but maybe put it on UIkit rails or add additional switcher to choice between Bootstrap and UIkit? Why UIkit? It's lightweight, fast and powerful. There...
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17 June 2016

Started 08 March 2015 by Vitaliy WD