Full Width Using Gutenberg with Themler

I am using Themler for my theme package so that I can manipulate the Header and the Footer area, and then set some of the fonts, and other basic features. I am using Gutenberg to edit everything...
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Started 2 weeks ago by ike

WordPress 5.0 beta

Hi! The Wordpress 5.0 update beta is online. Since the official version is planned to be up in a few months - have you tested the beta version? :)
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23 August 2019

Started 27 October 2018 by ZCompany

Gutenberg and Themler plugin conflict

Hi, The new Wordpress block editor (Gutenberg) provides a block called Latest Posts, available in Widgets category. When used with Themler-based theme, this block is not rendered on the page. Seems to...
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04 March 2019

Started 04 March 2019 by StudioJP


Themler what are you doing to prepare for Gutenberg? Have you installed the Plugin to begin testing? Do you anticipate all Themler sites will work nicely or will this be a diaster waiting to...
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22 January 2019

Started 13 December 2017 by LGWeb

Is themler ready for "Gutenberg"

Dear Themler Team. "Gutenberg" is making its entry for general public starting from latest wordpress 4.9.8. What is your take on this particular major improvement/addition in wordpress...
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27 August 2018

Started 03 August 2018 by QAAF Tech

uPage - Tailor Page Builder Plugin Discontinued

Do you follow the news ? Exodus began. Everything your "intelligent" uPage will do Gutenberg will do it for free. Gutenberg and of course hundreds of GPL plugins, and cheap premium...
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14 July 2018

Started 28 November 2017 by Stagger Lee