Joomla eCommerce Hikashop Mijoshop support

I was wondering if there will be other Joomla ecommerce support in the near future. I would be willing to pay as I currently contract some one to add ecommerce support to certain templates. Thank...
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02 June 2020

Started 01 September 2015 by acosta.omar09

Hikashop Themler theme

Dear Support, I hope you will create the option for HikaShop in the future. Everyone vote this one :) Kind regards, William
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15 February 2018

Started 16 September 2015 by williamvanveen1988

Hika shop editing

Hi is it possible to edit the Hikashop layout in Themler? Thank you
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10 October 2017

Started 09 October 2017 by eleanor


hello if you plan to do themler for hikashop? How so, when it will be available
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08 November 2016

Started 07 November 2016 by stryjek-www

Joomla/HikaShop responsiveness problem

First, thanks for a great product. It takes a little time to understand what Themler can do, but it's well worth the effort. I've created templates for two Joomla! sites using the ecommerce extension...
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29 June 2016

Started 11 August 2015 by sarah11