Hi, I got this error on my pages when the themler template are activated. I'm using Joomla CMS under https, this is the error Mixed Content: The page at...
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30 September 2020

Started 07 February 2020 by A12 Web Studio

Не загружается содержимое фрейма

Добрый вечер. В Темлер для HTML добавляю контрол HTML-код и вставляю в него вот этот фрейм Но ничего не отображается на странице, хотя отдельно все работает и форма открывается.
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17 October 2017

Started 16 October 2017 by Vladimir


The only include file that breaks the SSL connection is: href=' there may be with the next version add an "s" , to load the google font secure. The editor...
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11 July 2017

Started 04 January 2017 by dpeteroff

https implementation for uploaded images (wordpress) and google fonts (themler for html)

Hi, when uploading images from "edit with themler" in wordpress images are uploaded to an http-path and not https. I have to manually change the URL in the "image" properties, is there a way to...
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30 October 2016

Started 27 October 2016 by t.s.g.