Product variantions in Virtuemart don't function

In my opinion the use of product variants should be used in most of the webshops. It gives the user een feeling of being in control. e-commerce is all about psychology and this is one of these things...
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18 December 2021

Started 09 April 2015 by Scorpion Computers & Software

virtuemart image link related products

Hi, When you try to click on an image from the related products, the link goes to the home page in stead of the product. How can this be changed? Kind regards, Danny
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09 December 2015

Started 09 December 2015 by d.vangelder

Product navigation Product details

Hello, as active navigation product in my template, I try but not working. you activated navigation products in the categories, but they lacked navigation as we entered the products. Thank you very...
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20 July 2015

Started 19 July 2015 by César M.