footer - a nuisance!

To the Themler team! I urge you to release an update quickly so that the footer is placed correctly! I've been waiting for this for 3 months now and they still haven't made it! I paid for it and I...
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Latest By foodlenyt88

2 weeks ago

Started 26 February 2023 by adrian.p

0 - Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params

Hello, I found where the problem came from. It's the menu link to a "separator" that is not supported. Can you correct this? Regards, Pierre
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Latest By ekaterinapawel

2 weeks ago

Started 19 September 2022 by Pierre665

Joomla 4 - Sorry, an error has occurred. Please clear your browser cache.

Hello, When I export a template with Themler on Joomla 4 and then import it on another site, when I want to edit it, I get the message "Sorry, an error has occurred. Please empty the cache of your...
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Latest By jcavi7395

13 March 2024

Started 09 February 2023 by Pierre665

Error: 500 - behavior::tabstate not found.

Hi there, When I in Joomla 4.2.6 configure a menuitem "Category-List" so as to enable frontend editors to easile view and edit articles in the frontend. I get the following error: 500 -...
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Latest By lilycollins9x

12 March 2024

Started 21 December 2022 by gaatec

joomla 4 cannot edit post or page templates

Hi there, I have upgraded/migrated a Joomla 3 site to Joomla 4, and wanted to start recreating a temaplate for the website. I have installed a Joomla 4 website that is wfunctioning well on another...
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Latest By Kevin Hampton

04 March 2024

Started 11 September 2022 by gaatec

joomla default contact form for jomla version 4, is not displayed

Hi, Themler no longer supports. I asked this question a week ago without getting an answer. Can anyone else help me? I can't get joomla's default contact form visible in joomla version 4. I have...
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Latest By rayem28362

04 February 2024

Started 19 August 2022 by bmericsson

Vertical menu - Cannot access protected property joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params

Joomla 4.1.5 PHP 7.4 Themler theme v556 0 - Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params when vmenu module position is active. Depublish and there is no error Please...
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Latest By info295

01 February 2024

Started 08 August 2022 by WebIm

Virtuemart 4, Joomla 4 error: "500 - behavior::modal not found"

Joomla 4, Virtuemart 4, Themler 559, PHP 8.1 After entering the product category, I get the error: "500 - behavior::modal not found". On the standard Joomla template it's ok, the problem is only in...
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Latest By nehaaaduttt

08 January 2024

Started 03 January 2023 by souacz

Themler 2.0 with Bootstrap 5 and support only two CMS: Joomla 4 and WordPress 5

Hi everyone and Themler team. Once again I want to start discussion about Themler future and suggest a solution. We need Themler 2.0 with Bootstrap 5 support make modern websites based on...
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Latest By Aalupalak

04 December 2023

Started 04 December 2021 by Vitaliy WD

Can you confirm that a stable version for Joomla 4 will be available before the end of 2022?

Hello, I need to renew my license. On your table (see attached) you have not indicated the versions supported by Themler for Joomla unlike other CMS. Can you confirm that a stable version for...
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Latest By rosy23dam

16 November 2023

Started 06 September 2022 by Pierre665

Is Themler project dead, now we must migrate to nicepage?

I started several years ago with my Artisteer license that was basic in design but functional, I was excited when they announced the arrival of Themler for its design advantages over Artisteer,...
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Latest By @ITS

05 October 2023

Started 27 November 2019 by andresfe36

Joomla 4 Multilanguage site issue

Hi! Here is a new issue on Themler for Joomla 4. Error 500 then I try to edit template. I use standard .htaccess for Joomla 4. If I enable system plugin Language Filter, I can not to edit...
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Latest By A12 Web Studio

20 September 2023

Started 07 December 2021 by

menu fix in Joomla 4?

Hello dear Themler community Is there a function or an extension in Themler that allows you to fix the menu that I have in the top right corner so that it doesn't scroll and is always visible even if...
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Latest By yiseno7990

10 August 2023

Started 13 April 2023 by adrian.p

"Expired" bage in Blog Category Joomla 4

New small bug in Joomla - page blog category. I have a bage Expired in every article on this page. Please, fix it, thank you
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19 June 2023

Started 07 January 2022 by

Joomla 4 Pagination is empty

Hi @all I use Joomla 4.2.9 and Theemler v559. I have no chance to display the pagination. Is this a known problem? In the pagination post it says: Pagination is empty. In the posts options and blog,...
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Latest By yves

12 June 2023

Started 19 March 2023 by enanzer