Please help to make Themler support Kunena. Kunena is a forum softward for Joomla.
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04 March 2021

Started 30 August 2015 by auwoody

Kunena styling issues

Hi I am building a Joomla/Kunena based site below https://spinalcordtumour.org.uk/test/message-board However there are 2 logins on the right and an unwanted non working mobile menu icon appearing...
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31 July 2018

Started 09 July 2018 by richard25

Forum inside my website is replaced into themler template after footer

Hi, in my website there is also a forum (Kunena in Joomla). I've a problem with this, 'couse the pages of Kunena, under the footer of the template page, is replicated... Which is the component into...
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12 July 2018

Started 12 July 2018 by luca.anchini

Still Kunena problems with themler ...

Hello guys, the themler templates still make problems with kunena... When will the themler work correct with kunena??
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06 July 2017

Started 04 July 2017 by einkauf4

Joomla - Kunena 5 does not work with themler

Hi Guys, Kunena 5 forum looks horrible with themler. When you´ll make it working?!
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05 July 2017

Started 22 January 2017 by Marco