a bloc /section in multi language ?

Hi, my website is bilangual french and english my homepage made with themler (awesome by the way) is in french I have a bloc with picture and text and another one with just text How can i make it...
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17 November 2016

Started 14 July 2016 by maillard.jul

Translating the home page

Hello everyone! how can I change the language in the home page ? I've installed a plug-in for wordpress , but not know how to translate the home page . The other pages is very simple . Can you help...
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14 September 2016

Started 08 September 2016 by fabio_11

What does the language switcher work on?

Hi Themler Team, I have a question about the language switcher. When I change the languages , nothing happenes... Is there any plugin I need to connect it too? or is there any way to make it work...
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24 August 2014

Started 23 August 2014 by shaulhadar