Several texts are in English, not multilangual. How do i change these texts

I manily use Virtuemart Templates, but i consider this to be a overal problem. There are several texts that are hardcoded in English. Texts like 'added' and 'cart' I understand that i can change them...
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27 March 2020

Started 30 June 2015 by Scorpion Computers & Software

Bouton ajouter au panier

Bonjour J'ai traduit le bouton "Ajouter au panier" dans la variable "COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_ADD_TO" c'est ok. Comment changer le texte "added" apres avoir cliqué sur le bouton ? Merci
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11 September 2018

Started 07 November 2017 by andre.debaisieux

How can i change the button text

I maked a joomla site with shop (VM) Now i wanted to change the button text on a article from added to 'toegevoegd' It doesn't work with a language overlay in hjoomla maybe with themler.
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12 September 2017

Started 11 September 2017 by arawolf

out of stock - путь к файлу?

Здравствуйте! На Virtuemart шаблоне, где найти надпись надпись на товаре out of stock и изменить на русский нет в наличии .
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08 September 2016

Started 16 August 2016 by Виктор