Change logo image while scrolling?

Hi I want a large logo-image in the header. When I start scrolling, the logo should become small (it's another image) In other words I have two pictures, the second should be replaced by the first...
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13 January 2021

Started 05 January 2018 by admin166

Sticky Header

Do you have the ability to give us a sticky header where the logo shrinks and stays on top? See this example
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25 August 2016

Started 04 May 2016 by LGWeb

header layout

Hello. how I can create a header like the image that I am attaching? thanks a lot daniela
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21 June 2016

Started 10 September 2015 by WebIm

Header Layout

How do I emulate the default blank theme's header from scratch? It has a logo and a horizontal menu inside the same container (no columns). How do I recreate this example? When I try to put a logo and...
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21 March 2016

Started 18 March 2016 by nonsectarianblues