Problem with Wordpress Pagination

Hello, I have a problem with the PAGINATION of my HOME template on the website If you look at the first column, you will see a green box with the title FOCUS. Under FOCUS there...
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18 June 2021

Started 18 June 2021 by valerio3

Video not showing wide screen, no loops, and doesnt hide play bar

Hello there, Ive implemented this background video in my home page, so far so good. However seems like my configuration is not working, I need to, - Hide the play bar below the video - Loop...
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27 December 2018

Started 08 June 2018 by mgarcia

One feature that would make Themler killer

Homepage, frontpage layout. Option to make it possible to insert custom Themler template inside Themler template. We could name them as our categories and Themler would beat all those commercial...
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26 May 2017

Started 24 April 2015 by Stagger Lee