Themler Mega Menu Change number of columns

Hello, I would like to know is it possible to change the number of Columns in Mega Menu by your liking for example I need 5 columns but I can only select 4 or 6. Thanks
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28 January 2019

Started 25 January 2019 by TBit Systems

Mega menu to wishlist

Hi I haven't seen anyone else ask for it yet so I am. A mega menu that can have module positions added to it would be awesome. Thanks David
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30 July 2018

Started 26 November 2014 by dpodesta

How to relatively easy make Mega Menu with Themler

Dont be discouraged by at first sight complicated steps. You will be doing it just once per website (one Megamenu) If you have questions just name number of step. I tried many, many ways to call PHP...
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17 March 2017

Started 19 January 2016 by Stagger Lee