Multiline menu item for wordpress

Hi. i need to create a top menu navigation for 6 pages, but the items text are very large. i need to break the long text in 2 lines. i have tried usign <br> on labels for each menu page, but...
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05 July 2019

Started 16 January 2016 by luisalfredo.hernandez

Menu Items - Seperate image per button and no text

Hello, How do i set an image for menu items? I only want an image instead of text and have one menu item as one image/symbol. I tried to set an image, but it just repeats the first image i used.
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27 March 2019

Started 23 March 2019 by hotpotsoup

Horisontal manu and header items positioning

Hi, I have the pro version of Thempler but there is not enough tutorials and guides how to use it. First of all I want to have the header and in the middle of it to have a logo and on the bottom...
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26 October 2015

Started 23 October 2015 by vera.g333