minify javascripts

obviously speed is an important issue when delivering web pages. And Themler has gone to the trouble of minifying CSS which helps. one small change which will also help is to Minify JavaScript. Google...
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07 April 2017

Started 28 June 2016 by Marcus Anderson

Remove unnecessary CSS attached to theme

I would like to have the ability to select which parts of a theme to export thus eliminating unused styles within the css file. Currently the css files are too large because of useless styles and it's...
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13 December 2016

Started 29 May 2015 by stolzmedia

One word or two about minified JS/CSS code

What to do about it ? It makes manual coding literally impossible. Themler custom JS/CSS code in "Settings" cannot replace real code editor, no way.
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30 December 2015

Started 04 April 2015 by Stagger Lee