Mysql & databases

Hello, I would like to know to Themler installed on Windows 8, it is possible to access a database phpmyadmin / Backup for MySQL databases. Eric
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19 August 2018

Started 01 September 2015 by Eric-P

PHP and MySQL Updates

Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if this is an issue with the update practice of Themler dev team. These are the current versions of PHP and MySQL that I've got installed as part of the...
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08 November 2017

Started 30 August 2016 by allayit

MySql not connecting error

Here is the log. When I start Themler and select wordpress I get this. INFO:Check free disk space... INFO:Check Services... ERROR:MySQL service isn't started INFO:Check Files... INFO:Check HTTP...
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21 October 2015

Started 08 August 2015 by ryans