Handle "Notice: tempnam()" message

After upgrading to php 7.1.x or 7.2 I always get the attached message in Themler. I would say it appears every time when Themler creates any temp file so very-very often. As I read this is a php...
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11 March 2019

Started 30 December 2017 by forreggbor

Error by PHP 7.1

Hi When i activate PHP 7.1 (from 7.0) on my Hosting, themler gives the Error-Message: {"message":"\n\nOS: Linux tux137 4.8.11-hoststar #1 SMP Tue Nov 29 13:39:39 CET 2016 x86_64\nPHP: 7.1.1\nerror...
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01 March 2019

Started 30 March 2017 by matrix630307

shortcodes issue on php version over 7.0

Hi, I noticed the issue using shortcodes one_half, one_third etc. When the php version is set to 7.0 shortcodes work correct but on versions 7.1 and 7.2 the shortcodes do not arrange the columns and...
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18 October 2018

Started 10 September 2018 by souacz