Readmore button not showing in joomla module

Hi everybody. In normal posts the readmore-link is visible as a button, but in a joomla module (newsflash) only a textlink is shown … I couldn't manage to change the style of the readmore in the...
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07 April 2020

Started 08 August 2016 by info1190

Geodirectory wordpress plugin

Hi I wonder if someone can help me make Compatible with themler or point me in the right direction. Here you can find a themler setup with...
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29 May 2019

Started 17 December 2016 by Malinka

define fields shopping cart

Where do I define the fields the products that will appear in páginna purchase summary. For example I want to take the field rate. Att.. Amilcar
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11 August 2016

Started 09 August 2016 by Amilcar Botelho Rubim Junior

horizontal slideshow with vertical thumbnails

Hi Guys, I need to make a website that has a slideshow that supports vertical thumbnails. I have tried looking for wordpress plugins but I only seem to get ones with horizontal thumbnails. Is this...
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12 April 2016

Started 12 April 2016 by ronhironnie