Product détails zoom

Hello, It is possible to deactivate the zoom on product details ? Thank you. Christophe
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15 August 2018

Started 08 November 2016 by christophe39

Cloud Zoom

The featured photo is not being shown in the gallery photos. If I click on any photo below the main photo I can't get back to my main image. The main image is the featured photo. I have over 1000...
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25 April 2018

Started 23 April 2018 by LGWeb

VM product image zoom and size

VirtueMart 3.X 1/ How disable ZOOM for product image ? (in Themler or VM) 2/ How set to show original size as MAX of product image?
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27 December 2017

Started 06 May 2017 by coleoptera

Prestashop article page image mouseover effect

Hello, I am using themler with prestashop and can´t find any solution to disable this creepy mouseover effect on the product image on the article detail page. we just need a simple effect with bigger...
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16 June 2017

Started 03 November 2016 by Maniko