VirtueMart Quantity Control Plus & Minus

Hi Does anyone know where to fix the quantity controller + and - buttons for VM in Themler? Mine are blank but the functionality is working. Thank you in advance :)
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01 February 2020

Started 11 May 2016 by Cats Eye

Insert word Qty in product page woocommerce

Hi Need some help, I would like to add the word 'Qty' before the quantity box on the product page as shown on the attachment.
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21 May 2019

Started 13 September 2018 by alleminbe

virtuemart and the "quantity box"

Hi, I cannot find the "quantity box" in Themler. I mean the box where user can modify the quantity products to buy. See attachment ... Can someone help me, telling me where is this object in...
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09 February 2018

Started 02 September 2015 by denisp

Исчезает поле ввода в карточке товара.

Смысл такой: В некоторых товарах исчезает поле ввода количества товара. Уже пробовал все вариации и сдвигал и делал всё снова. проблема не уходит. так и не получилось вычислить закономерность,...
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26 June 2017

Started 25 June 2017 by sale

Virtuemart add to cart, number of items

Hi I am upgrading a shopping site and I need to show the + and - buttons beside the add to cart, button on the category and product views so my customers can choose to have multiple purchases of the...
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09 November 2016

Started 13 April 2016 by eleanor