Related Products - Quantity & AddToCart Buttons (VirtueMart)

Hi Themler Community! Does anyone know a solution for this error: In Joomla/VirtueMart, when using related products with quantity and addtocart buttons, in front end when you change quantity for one...
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09 May 2020

Started 09 May 2020 by iMediaDesign

related products

How can i chjang teh text of the header in the module related articles
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09 June 2017

Started 08 June 2017 by arawolf

Virtuemart-3 template: Not showing related articles on frontside

I made a virtuemart template with themler but when i add related products on the backend of virtuemart 3.0.18 i can not see them on the frontend. When i select a standard template in joomla as default...
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22 February 2017

Started 20 February 2017 by roland.roijter

magento related-products checkbox

Why is there a checkbox with the product-slider in the related-product area of magento. I can not seem to be able to select it in the Themler UI. So I can not format it. Does it have a function or...
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24 September 2015

Started 10 September 2015 by jurjen

magento cross-sell, related products, up-sell

Hi, I wonder where you stand on including all three categories of cross-selling, up-selling and related products. A few months ago, this was on the developmentlist. Regards Jurjen
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09 September 2015

Started 07 September 2015 by jurjen