Disable on mobile

Hi is there any way to hide or resize carousel button on mobile? Thank you.
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24 March 2017

Started 01 March 2017 by Neco

Disable resize of columns on PC

Hi! I have created this site with Themler: http://hov-it.no/ I don't want the content to be adjusted when resizing browser Window. It messes up the design. Text and images ends up outside of...
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25 August 2016

Started 24 August 2016 by hovmedia

Text area fields . New small feature.

Can you please just add this option, to prevent drag-drop resizing text areas, with mouse, outside container/block. So that is possible only to resize vertically. (resize:vertical) To not to use fixed...
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10 April 2015

Started 10 April 2015 by Stagger Lee